Digestive Disease and Science Journal

In 2008,  the GRG became the official sponsor of the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences. In recognition of  this alliance, all GRG members will benefit from expedited review of manuscripts submitted to DDS. DDS is especially appreciative of the breadth of scientific knowledge and expertise represented by the GRG membership and thus encourages GRG members to submit original manuscripts and reviews to DDS. DDS also plans to reinforce the GRG mission of encouraging young investigators by inviting recipients of the Young Investigator Awards to membership on its editorial board and also by encouraging senior investigators to recommend young investigators to perform manuscript reviews.

“For more information regarding the journal and/or to become a manuscript reviewer, please contact the journal at dds.journal@gmail.com

Jonathan D. Kaunitz, MD, AGAF

Editor in Chief of DDS

Past-President of the GRG