GRG/AGA Young Investigator Award in Basic Science


This award will recognize a young investigator who has performed major basic or outcomes research in the field of gastroenterology. The award recipient will receive a $3,000 prize and will be recognized during the GRG Spring Symposium at 2014 Digestive Disease Week® (DDW®) in Chicago, IL.


Qualified candidates are those individuals who have an MD degree and have performed major basic or outcomes research in the field of gastroenterology. Candidates must be independent investigators who have held a faculty position for less than nine (9) years. The award will ordinarily be made to a single individual. In exceptional situations, the selection committee may recommend that the award be divided between two investigators. Nominees must be members of the AGA.


Nominations should be made by two individuals who are thoroughly familiar with the work of the candidate. One of the two nominators must be associated with the candidate’s institution and the other must be from a different institution. Only one nominee will be accepted from any single institution.


The award recipient will be chosen on originality, innovative insight into a major problem in gastroenterology, and the significance of his/her work to an area of basic research in gastroenterology or hepatology.


The GRG president, chair of the AGA Institute Research Policy Committee, and an at-large member of the GRG Steering Committee will select the award recipient(s).


The nomination deadline is March 5. Award notifications will be emailed in April.


The nomination package must include the following information:

1. A curriculum vitae.

2. Two nominating letters. Up to three additional supporting letters may be provided.

3. A detailed letter signed by the nominators which supports the nomination and details each of the following points:

  • Brief summary of the candidate’s training and background.
  • Specific citation, with references to his/her published work, of the achievements of the candidate and how they relate to those of other major contributions to the field. Particularly, cite examples of confirmation of the candidate’s work by the subsequent research of others.
  • Major technical or methodological contributions of the candidate such as new, more sensitive or more precise analytical methods or adaptations to measurement techniques of new principles.
  • Specifically delineate how the candidate functions within his/her research group as the intellectual and motivational force. In situations in which the candidate has worked very closely with one or two other individuals over an extended period of time, the selection committee needs to understand the relative role of the candidate to such collaborations.
  • Evidence of respect for the candidate’s work in his/her field of research.
  • Relevance to and impact of the candidate’s work in his/her field of research.
  • Broad scientific implications of the work to any other disciplines, clincal or basic.
  • A summary of the significant research accomplishments other than the major research to be recognized by the award.
  • The nominator’s own qualifications to interpret and evaluate the candidate and his/her work or research.
  • Important relevant personal characteristics of the candidate, such as the ability to attract and develop young scientists.
  • In exceptional situations, two individuals from the same research group may be nominated as a team, if it is clear that the contributions of each were distinct and essential to the whole. A separate nomination form for each such candidate must be completed, but a single letter may be written if all points emphasized above are covered.
  • An explicit statement that the nominee is or will be a member of the AGA at the time of award presentation.

Required nomination documents must be combined into one PDF file, titled by the nominee’s last name and first initial, and emailed to no later than March 5. Questions related to the nomination submission process should be directed to 301- 222-4012 or emailed to

Additional information is also available on the GRG website.

Download Application.